Campaign update

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The ingredients of a successful campaign always are a work in progress. Your Ottawa County Republican Party is hard at work to make sure that we optimize the Republican vote in the county.

Our 2016 efforts will use modifications of technology and methods that we have field tested for the last fifteen years. You reach voters where they are at. A county party needs to be aware of and address local traditions. That means a lot of activity in a lot of places. The county parties that make the most impact on statewide races are those which have regular offices and recognize that advance planning is crucial. We cannot duplicate state and national fundraising efforts, but need support from donors who recognize the importance of the county party.

Our efforts make a major contribution to statewide vote totals. You can never be certain which statewide race will be impacted most in advance, but you do know that the Ottawa County GOP margin will make a difference. Governor Engler’s statewide margin in his first 1990 race was less than his Ottawa County margin. In 2014, Governor Snyder’s statewide margin was less than his combined margin in Ottawa, Kent, and Oakland Counties. You never know how close individual statewide races will be until a few days before the election. To be effective then, you need to organize at least a year in advance.

Past success does not guarantee future success. That is why we are modifying our traditional programs to account for changes in political dynamics. With your help, we will make this happen.

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