Getting Out The Vote Starts Now

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With background preparations already complete, September begins the focus for some of us in the Party on GOTV – Getting Out The Vote.

Ottawa County has 110 precincts – so you can imagine the time, preparation, and volunteers it takes to have poll challengers at each voting location; to have people calling and encouraging people to vote; to reach out to as many businesses and organizations as possible asking that their signage remind people to vote. It’s quite an operation.

Over the last two years, with the assistance of the Michigan Republican Party, we’ve been testing a smart-phone application that tracks voter turnout in real-time. We tested it in 3 precincts in the 2014 race in Ottawa County, and expanded the test in the May 5 election. It will be tested again before the General Election in 2016.

Ottawa County has enjoyed high voter turnout over the years due to our Get Out The Vote efforts in the past. This smart phone app will help us get even more Republicans to the polls.

In September we started laying the groundwork by holding meetings in each of the four quadrants of the county. We are already signing up volunteers and selecting target precincts. This is where the fun begins, and where we start mapping out the County!

Starting early, and meeting often, with lots of training is going to be the key to our success, and key to keeping our Republican victory momentum going!

The stage is set for an extremely efficient, effective and successful election cycle. Your contributions are helping make that happen. If you have any suggestions, or know someone who wants to get involved on Election Day, please reach out! My email address is The more people we have involved in our GOTV effort the higher our chance for success! I’m looking forward to working with you over the next year toward victory in 2016.

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